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I help women overcome infertility and conceive naturally, while reinforcing health for mom and baby

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Did you know that 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy? And almost 12% of women have received infertility services? I help women conceive naturally, by finding underlying factors which may have been overlooked by other providers. This is necessary for the body to heal and regain proper hormonal balance.

Nourishing moms from preconception and beyond

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Hi! I’m Dr. Melissa Vandermissen, a Functional Medicine Chiropractic Physician, as well as a wife and a mom. I help women through infertility, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond…ensuring health throughout the motherhood journey.

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Happy Clients

We are so thankful for Dr. Melissa! After conceiving our last child through IVF, we thought it was the only option, until consulting with Dr. Melissa. We were able to naturally conceive our current pregnancy after Dr. Melissa made some minor changes to my diet and lifestyle. We couldn’t be happier and are very excited for her future endeavors!

JennaTeacher & Mom of 2

Dr. Melissa has helped me in so many ways! I am so incredibly grateful that I did some testing to see how my gut, adrenals, and thyroid were functioning, because my results were mindblowing!  I eat healthy and limit my exposure to toxins, but still noticed my body wasn’t feeling 100% after the birth of my third child. I’m so glad I did testing with Dr. Melissa because I learned about an enzyme called Beta-glucuronidase, which was extremely elevated on my results. I’ve been working on my protocol she set up and feeling much better overall! Thank you Dr. Melissa.

She is amazing and I highly recommend her.

ChristaRegional Vice President with Arbonne International & Mom of 3

Dr. Melissa helped me so much during pregnancy, I don’t even know where to begin! I luckily found her early on during my first trimester and was able to implement her health advice throughout my pregnancy. She always went above and beyond and was very personalized and thorough.  I highly recommend Dr. Melissa to all my friends and am so grateful we crossed paths.

Mindy15 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach & Mom of 3

Dr. Melissa has made such an impact in my life! After 10 years of struggling with chronic illness, I am finally getting to the root of the problem, thanks to the testing and protocols she has done.  Thank you Dr. Melissa!

StephanieMassage Therapist and Mom of 1

Dr. Melissa is a very talented, passionate and caring woman, and she is so much more than a Doctor to me. My husband and I would have celebrated our 7th Anniversary this summer without getting pregnant, but I feel so blessed to say that tomorrow I will be 12 weeks along! Dr. Melissa uses God’s medicine and her knowledge to bless women. Thank you Melissa for everything you’ve done and everything we will be doing in the future. 

JessicaOffice Manager and Mom of (1)

Prior to starting my wellness journey, I didn’t have much energy, my skin was breaking out, and I was putting on weight even though I was eating super healthy and working out. After only 3 short months of working with Dr. Melissa, I was starting to feel so much better, and my hormone levels were becoming normal again. So normal in fact, we were blessed with an unexpected, healthy pregnancy! Working with Dr. Melissa has been absolutely amazing, and the best decision I have ever made

Amber Mom of 1+(1)

I consulted with Dr. Melissa during preconception to ensure the best health for my baby. Family members of mine have tested positive for MTHFR mutations, and I wanted to do everything in my power to conceive the healthiest baby possible. After setting up a specific nutrition and supplement plan with Dr. Melissa, my husband and I were able to conceive a healthy baby within 2 months!  I had a healthy pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Thanks Dr. Melissa~

MariahOccupational Therapist and Mom of 1

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Do you want to restore your fertility and conceive naturally?  If you’re 100% ready to make changes, I will help guide you along your preconception and pregnancy journey.