Consult with Dr. Melissa

I offer 1 on 1 virtual health consulting for women that are 100% ready to make healthy changes to their life.

What is virtual health consulting?  Instead of wasting time and money with travel, to sit in a waiting room for what seems eternity, and then see your provider for all of maybe 10 minutes –  I eliminated the negatives of this scenario. You can simply open your computer, phone, or tablet from wherever you may be, to complete our 30 or 60 minute appointment, without any travel or time off.

What is my speciality? I have advanced training in pregnancy (preconception through postpartum) as well as female hormone imbalance. As a certified functional medicine physician , I am trained in looking at the entire body and finding the root cause to any symptoms that may be experienced.

I may utilize advanced testing to determine any underlying factors that could be contributing to your health challenge. Blood, urine, saliva, stool, and hair are all samples that may be collected for testing.  Having objective evidence of imbalances is the best way to ensure we take the best approach to getting your body back in balance again.

*Applying for consultation with Dr. Melissa does not ensure you will receive an appointment, due to high demand. Dr. Melissa only accepts those that are 100% ready to make changes to ensure the best results.

Any verbal, written, electronically generated communications/recommendations/consultations/advice of any sort does not create a doctor-patient relationship.  Any recommendations/consultations with respect to nutritional health, diet, supplementation or detoxification is done exclusively for educational and information purposes only, for non-diagnostic purposes, and general guidelines and are not for any care or treatment. The determination whether to take or withdraw from any nutritional health, diet, supplementation or detoxification is within the exclusive authority of physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners.  We support the distribution of current research and information relating to all related topics and likewise encourage you to make informed healthcare decisions having researched and understood all balanced and accurate information to which those decisions pertain. In every case, please consult with your medical physician regarding any changes you make to your medical regimen, as doing so without consultation or supervision by a qualified practitioner may be dangerous.

*It is required that you have a primary care physician for your routine care if engaging in 1 on 1 consult with Dr. Melissa

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