Nourishing moms from preconception and beyond

Hi! I’m Dr. Melissa Vandermissen, a Functional Medicine Chiropractic Physician, as well as a wife and a mom. I help women, just like you and me, be the best mom possible by ensuring we are as healthy as we can be throughout our motherhood journey. (Because we all want to be amazing super-moms!) Optimal health before conception is extremely important for the health of you AND your baby, and I can help you get ready for this amazing event and creation.

I want women to know they are doing everything in their power to provide the best health for their baby. Having a baby of my own is what started me on my journey with functional medicine. I wanted to learn more and do more to help as many women and babies as possible. It was during my pregnancy when I suddenly realized, not every mom had the knowledge I had, and from that point I decided it was my responsibility to share my knowledge.

When I started getting emails, texts, calls, from friends, family, and patients with questions about prenatal vitamins, foods to avoid, nursing complications, I knew this was my calling. I was then given this burning desire to learn everything about preconception (6 months prior to conception), pregnancy, and postpartum health to help bring change. To change the health issues that we see in our women and moms. And to help women overcome infertility naturally, without resorting to expensive medical treatments – which we know have side effects. We can do better and we will do better.

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing things you will ever experience as a woman. It is a time to nurture and feed your body so that your baby has the best home possible for those 9 months. I can help you along your pregnancy journey with all the information needed to give your baby the best health possible. The 6 months prior to conception, known as the preconception period, is a time to prepare your body for the miracle that awaits. Thanks to the research behind epigenetics, we now know that we as moms (and dads too) can help give our baby the best health possible by properly preparing our body. Yes you heard correctly, you can epigenetically affect your baby’s health BEFORE you conceive.

I have spent the past several months compressing information that I have learned over the past decade, so every mom can better their chance to having a happy healthy baby. The motivation behind creating the Nourished Mommy Methodology, is to simply change the statistics I constantly read about with our kiddos and moms. With infertility rates increasing every year, as well as autoimmune disease in women post-partum, I knew this was something I HAD TO DO.

But what happens after pregnancy when your beautiful, healthy baby enters the world? I will still be here to help guide you along your wellness journey. Post pregnancy is when I found myself in need of repair. I was suffering with adrenal dysfunction, postpartum thyroiditis, intestinal dysbiosis, eczema, and a few others. But I was able to properly pinpoint underlying imbalances, and allow my body to heal naturally. Emotional stress is, and always will be a major component of my health challenges. But it allows me to help others that struggle with the same type of issues that I have had in the past.

So you’re probably thinking, what the heck is functional medicine? How can you help me when no other doctor has been able to help me thus far? As a functional medicine doctor I look to the human body differently than the average doctor. I look to underlying imbalance and find the root cause to your health challenge. I do not pay attention to the diagnosis that you come to me with because I look much deeper than a diagnosis.

My chiropractic training gave me knowledge on whole body physiology, but my functional medicine training helped me connect the dots with the formula to heal the body naturally. I utilize specialized testing to determine the cause of the symptoms you may be experiencing or how to maximize your health to reach your greatest potential.

Whether you want to help gain health before conception, boost fertility, overcome infertility, regain your health postpartum, or get your health back during motherhood…I can help.  I use a 100% personalized approach with 1 on 1 virtual consulting. Looking for something less intense, but still want to ensure amazing health for you and your baby? Check out my 6 week program – Nourished Mommy Methodology, which can boost your fertility and help you conceive the baby you desire!

(I am in no way acting as your physician, but am simply giving you knowledge to help bring your body back to balance, by utilizing what nature has given us.)

* I only allow those that are serious about making changes to their health to take part in consulting with me. If you feel you are truly ready to find wellness, contact me below.

My Credentials


  • Bachelor of Science
  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • (in process) DACBN (Diplomate American Clinical Board of Nutrition)

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