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Whether you’re looking for that perfect Christmas gift, or maybe something for a special event, here is a list that won’t disappoint! Focus more on health promotion and practicality, rather than the glitz and glam. You may be buying for someone that has an extremely healthy lifestyle, or maybe someone that needs a little boost in the right direction. Either way, giving a gift that shows that you care for their health as much as your own, is the best gift of all.  And don’t forget that giving to support emotional health is just as important, if not more, than physical health.  Happy “healthy gift giving“! (Make sure to click each for a link to my recommendations).

Emotional Health Promoting Gifts

Physical Health Promoting Gifts

Don’t get discouraged with the amount of health promoting gifts to chose from on my “Healthy” Gift Giving list! Get creative, use your crafty side, and make something that will mean more than an expensive gift. Do you love to make lotions or soaps? Grab some essential oils and organic butters/creams and make some home-made lotion for your close friends. Do you love to bake? Throw together some healthy treats and put them in a cute container, finished with a bow. Maybe you want to bring some inspiration to a friend? Buy a gratitude journal and add in some inspiring words to add a personal touch. Inspiring and sharing the gift of health can’t be beat!

Happy Gifting!

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